Senin, 23 Januari 2012

Belajar 100 Days nge-Blog..

Blogging adalah sebuah kegiatan simpel bagiku, tapi sangat susah untuk dilakukan mengingat kita perlu tetap intens untuk meng-update dan selalu keep in touch dengan blog kita.

Sore ini aku menulis postingan ini setelah membaca blog milik istriku yang berisi tentang 365 day challenge dalam blognya di http://undefinedserenity.blogspot.com/

While i'm typing this post now, my wife is texting me and telling me that i should make one like hers, a 365 days challenge post. :-)

And now here I'm posting in this blog. But of course I didn't plan to make a real 365 posts in a year, so that I told my wife that I will only do a 100 days challenge. The number of 100 that I chose was after I calculated that 100 divide by 365 equal to 0.27398. It means I should write a post once in three days. %_% ok,, I think I can make it this year. :-)

Jadi, ini adalah postingan yang mengawali my 100 days blogging..

At least there are several things in my mind that I need to convince myself before post regularly.
Those things are:

1. Ask my wife to remind my to post every three days.
2. Note every things that come up to my mind to be my blog material.
3. The most important is.. .. ..put all my effort not to be lazy..

Ok then, I'll think about the material now..