Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

Day 4 Belajar Sabar, Paper-crafting..


Sebuah hobi masa lalu yang tanpa sengaja kutemukan saat aku browsing ternyata mengajariku sesuatu yang penting dalam menjalani hidup.. ^_^
Yep,, that is 'Paper-crafting'..
This paper-crafting things really craft out my self how to be patient when dong sumthing..
E'ehm.. everybody who already knew me should know that I'm not a kinda guy who has alotta stock of patience.

Therefore,, doing things that need much efforts and patience are not so me things!
But I can't resist the temptation of a tiny model of Costa Pasifica paper-craft when I intentionally found it at www.paper-replika.com . Yes, Costa Pasifica is a Concordia-class ship which will be perfect for my first -time trial of paper-crafting.

First thing first, I need to prepare tools for crafting which will help me all the way assembling Costa Pasifica. The most important tool is cutter. Without it, we won't be able to cut most of the main part of the paper-craft swiftly. Then the second important tool is scissor, I use scissor to help me cutting the edge. The last tool in mind is paper-glue, I use it to stick important part of my paper-craft. With all this remarkable tools, I'm ready to assemble a Concordia.

11 Dec 2012
Several months have past... but unfortunately, I have a bad news here.. I haven't finished this Costa Pasifica.. I'm failed.. +_+ hiks...next time..I'll try later.. Bye.. +_+

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