Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Day 6 : Learning Truth

Today's the so called 12-12-12.

Yes, if you pay at least a little attention to what world talks lately,  you'll  notice that this is a  day rumored to be the day when the Armageddon happened.

Armageddon.. one day when the world collapses and wipes out all the life on it.  It is pictured by some books as situation where seas angry. Tsunamis roam the land, destroying everything in front of it. Bringing sea creatures so that you could  cross a whale near your house or giant turtle from the deepest part of the ocean. You would also experience moment when sea waters burst your kitchen and wipe away your stove, microwave, spoons, forks, glass, and other kithen sets. Water flows everywhere that you can swim like fish.

Tsunami is one case, there are still typhoons,  earthquakes, windstorms, fires,  Volcanic eruptions,  avalanches, floods, and snowstorms come to life. Just now you can imagine how tsunami ruins your kitchen, torn your house apart, wipe away your car, drag your pet out its cage, and other cruel things ever. Then you must be aware what could other disasters do to ruin your life, right? :-)

After searching here and there and everywhere, I try to figure out why people so noisy about Armageddon,  especially in year 2012. Eventhough the Armageddon that I've discovered is not exactly happened in 12-12-12, but still, they said that this month is the end of the world.

Below are things that I found to be the reason behind Armageddon 2012 :

1.  Mayan Calendar
       According to Mayan calendar, the year comes to an end in 2012. They got this conlusion after knowing that Mayan people don't have more calculations on day in the calendar except until 2012. Many speculations occur that this year is the end of  the world because there is no more  dates stated in that calendar after 21-12-2012. People said that this has something to do with the end of the day, there will be no more days after that day.

2.  Nostradamus' Prophecies
      Another hoax about Doomsday is coming from prophecies of Nostradamus. He gave unclear statement about he Armageddon.  Some people believed him coz some of his prophecies seemed to happened in the past. You can read more about this at http://www.businessinsider.com/the-nostradamus-predictions-2011-3?op=1.

3.  Planetary Alignment
      Probably, this might be the most sensible reason when you want to support the '2012 Armageddon ' . Here said that scientists already calculated planets alignment scientifically, which gave them result where planets in milky way are align therefore will be so many bad effects on earth which we may call it Armageddon. At glance we may think that this one is the most serious, but if you look around a little  bit, you'll find that actually the planets' position doesn't even close to align. That's  why it would be ridiculous if you support the idea of this 2012 Armageddon.

Those three factors become at least some reasons to think that this year will be the end of the year. But for they who believe in God won't bother it at all, for the only one knows about the end of the world is GOD himself.


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